Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
The Well Rendered Watercolor" is the theme for my latest 6 week series. We will execute a realistic painting that has interest, good shadows and a strong focal point. I will show different ways of transferring a drawing to the paper.  Careful step by step processes will be demonstrated that give us a splendid final painting! With this series you can join in "Live" as I tape the class every Tuesday at 1:30pm. Or watch the Youtube version link that I will send you at your own convenience. We will also have weekly ZOOM meetings to share and ask questions.
An excellent video to have that goes thru the creative steps in a very linear way!
If you want to stay Loose and Impressionistic the series entitled "Loose Watercolor Techniques" is for you. This is another 6-part series that focuses on  floral's and landscapes with a wet in wet approach, and other techniques that yield surprising results is both fun and rewarding. After that I share more tips on how to bring parts of the painting into clearer focus while retaining a soft focus background. This series has had VERY positive feedback. 
All classes are $200. Payment can be made by check, paypal or credit card.  
Checks can be mailed to:
Liz McGee
77 Spicer Ave. 
Groton, Ct. 06340
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